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Our Team

The Pros Behind the Pod


Erin Barclay

Erin turned Orange Cat from a fluffy nuisance into a small but persistent trivia empire in Richmond, VA in 2016. Rob joined the team in 2020 and Orange Cat Actual just sits on the sofa all day. (That's Rob on Erin's back!)

Jeff Bimm

Jeff has been hosting trivia in the Chicagoland area for 10 years with his company RMT Trivia. Aside from trivia, Jeff works as a musical instrument repair technician. When he’s not hosting trivia, he enjoys frolfing, camping, playing video games, listening to music, and drinking coffee. Jeff is a lifelong fan of the Bears, the Cubs, and ska music. OAS AAS LLS

Jason Borsom

Jason likes to wear hats, drink rum, and make bad jokes.


Quincy Borsom

Executive Producer

Teacher, wife of a trivia host, mom and one of the executive producers to keep all these trivia heads in order.

James Dween

James Key has been a trivia writer, host, and event planner since 2010, and a game show host-at-heart since 1980, with over 30 fund-raising events bringing in over $100,000 to Catholic schools, sports teams, and charities in the Louisville area. James currently host weekly shows independently, as well as for Local Trivia Action, a Lexington-based trivia company. He is also the host of the Retro Gaming Pub Quiz held at the annual Louisville Arcade Expo and a proud member of the Trivia Writer's Co-Op!

Calvin Hu

Calvin is a trivia host in San Francisco who enjoys writing questions with foreign words, opinionated food takes, and dope animals - but he hasn't yet written a question with all three of those.


Corey Marcoux

PBR and Whiskey


Sam Marcoux

Executive Producer

The other wife of a different trivia host and the other executive producer that tries to be helpful however possible.


Tipster is known for flailing, drinking tea and occasionally spewing it everywhere. Tipster is also one of the newest additions to the Quadrivia team, having only hosted online since early 2020. With help from Captain Waddles and General Rafters, they also host trivia every week from their bar floating somewhere in the Antarctic Ocean. Yes, they are a penguin; and yes, they have knees.

Team: Team

Jay Watson

Jay has been hosting Smarty Pints trivia since 2015, a classically trained software engineer AND Canadian, his hobbies include programming projects, drinking Canadian (normal) beer, and writing witty bios in the third person. Oh, and he likes trivia too.


Oh Jeremy



Ken makes us sound good


Oliver is real

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