Episode 47

I bet Matt Mercer is good at trivia.

  1. A type of premium Brandy, the Gossip Girl signoff, and an abbreviation for the second-in-command of a battalion all use what term?    XO

  2. What word describes a fictional standardized test, a former Speaker of the House, and something in Ms. Trunchbull's drinking water?    Newt

  3. The following entities: Tamino (from a Mozart opera), Krishna (from Indian mythology), and Ron Burgandy (from Anchorman) are associated with what item?    Flute

  4. What word describes something with lifelines and mounts, something on the flag of South Carolina, and a company acquired by HP in 2010?    Palm

  5. What affliction falls upon Mr Tumnus in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Ash Ketchum in the first Pokémon movie, and Gloria Gaynor in a 1978 song?    Petrified

  6. Mary Tyler Moore's controversial fashion choice, a brand of juice and a type of salad all are named after what island, located off the coast of Naples?    Capri

  7. What three digit number is a common game in darts, an error code for "not implemented", and the IRS section for tax-exempt organizations?    501

  8. What name is shared by Jon Faverau's favorite sandwich, Michael Jordan's favorite victory celebration, and my favorite actor from the movie Sharknado 3?    Cuban

  9. Rapper Lil Wayne, Author James Frey, and Director Clint Eastwood have each released titles that feature what number?    Million

  10. What word can describe a bottle, a brand of dessert, a form of protection, and a form of protection?    Magnum


Episode 46

I have no idea what this round is supposed to be. I hope you enjoy it!

  1. The Gold Cup is the oldest trophy still to be awarded in international sport    FALSE: Americas

  2. According to letters to his cousin Elsa, Albert Einstein never wore any underpants    FALSE: Socks

  3. On average, the human body loses 4 kilos of skin every year    TRUE

  4. Sigmund Freud's grandson, Ludwig, was nominated for the Turner Prize twice    FALSE: Lucian

  5. In 2017, action movie star Sylvester Stallone was banned from the Ukraine after being deemed "a threat to national security"    FALSE: Steven Seagal

  6. [90s]:  For I'm a paragon, you've perceived my conveyances. And on the runway I pirouette.    I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred

  7. [80s]: We must retain what we possess the lady declares. There's no dissimilarity whether we persist. One has the other and vice-versa and millions. We shall bequeath them a stroke.    Livin on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

  8. [10s]:  Golden rhinestones within the luminescence. And positioning ourselves upright, next to each other. While your silhouette intersects my own. What it requires to develop into existence.    We Found Love - Rihanna ft Calvin Harris

  9. [70s]: Wherefore raptors occur promptly each moment you exist in my vicinity. Precisely akin to yours truly, those yearn to transpire in your neighborhood    Close to you - The Carpenters

  10. [00s]: I am able to live as your champion sweetie. I am able to osculate your suffering elsewhere. I desire to rise next to you until eternity ends. I will let you choke me.    Hero - Enrique Iglesias

Episode 45

Is it late? Yes. Is it here? Mostly. The older stuff will eventually be ported over here. Don't judge me. Here's a round of questions that Jason wrote for some reason!

  1. Fire ants can also be known as "ginger ants"; Ginger is a key element in the 19th century opera "Hansel and Gretel", written by what German composer whose name has weirdly been coopted as a stage name by "After The Lovin" balladier Arnold Dorsey?    Engelbert Humperdinck

  2. There are over 200 currently known species of fire ant in the world; there are over 200 of what large, surprising-to-find-in-the-middle-of-a-desert objects combined in Las Vegas's CityCenter plaza to make a sculpture titled "Big Edge" by Nancy Rubins?    Boats

  3. Fire ants are known for their distinctive stinging defense; The 1973 film "The Sting" famously featured a piece of music by what composer and pianist as its musical theme?    Scott Joplin

  4. Like other ant varieties, fire ants have a hierarchical social structure centered on a queen; 19th century French painter Paul Delaroche is best-known for his painting depicting the execution of what brief and disputed "queen", who died before her 18th birthday?    Jane Grey

  5. Ashburn, Georgia is home to an annual Fire Ant Festival; Georgia O'Keeffe painted, among her other notable motifs like skyscrapers and flowers that maybe didn't look like just flowers, landscapes in what US state?    New Mexico

  6. Fire ants are preyed on in nature by, among other species, Venus Flytraps; Venus is also the 2nd movement of "The Planets", a 1910s orchestral suite written by Gustav Holst; what planet is the namesake for the 1st movement of that work?    Mars

  7. Fire ant males are generally known as drones; what musical instrument with an internally-rhyming name typically contains at least one drone string, along with a hand-cranked wheel and a keyboard, making it like a weird-ass hybrid of a violin, bagpipe, and barrel organ?    Hurdy-Gurdy

  8. Fire ants are an invasive species originally from South America; what famed South American poet of "Alturas de Macchu Picchu" and politician was described as "The greatest poet of the 20th century in any language" by fellow writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez?    Pablo Neruda

  9. Several species of weaver ant in Southeast Asia are also referred to as fire ants; a weaver would likely be familiar with what two four-letter "W" words that describe the interlaced sets of threads that combine to make the end result textile?    Warp and Weft (or woof)

  10. Fire ant "rafts", where tens of thousands of ants clumped together for survival, were a striking image that came from Hurricane Harvey; "Harvey" is the title character of a 1945 Pulitzer-winning play by Mary Chase that is said to resemble a 6-foot tall anthropomorphic version of what type of animal?    Rabbit

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