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A Step Beyond Trivia

Quadrivia takes you a step beyond trivia, and into the minds of the people who craft it. Join us every Wednesday as we tackle a roundtable discussion to improve your trivia hosting; try our best to write a ten minute question about a surprise topic; and play a full round of trivia.

Quadrivia is put together by trivia writers and hosts from the Trivia Writer's Cooperative. We use this podcast to shine a light on what's happening behind the scenes at your favorite trivia shows, and to keep ourselves entertained during the COVID-19 Pandemic (and beyond!). Hopefully we are entertaining you, as well!

If not... why are you here?

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Got a keyword you want us to use? Want to hear us talk about a certain topic? Wrote a question, and want us to give feedback on it? Did we make a mistake, and you're correcting it? Do you think it's bullshit that Corey always wins the keyword challenge, even when he's not participating or when he has fewer votes? Shoot us a message!

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